The Serpent's Skull

Exploring Smuggler's Shiv

Game Date: 01/10/15
Experience Earned: 600 exp / PC

The PCs take the next day to complete their search of the northwest corner of Smuggler’s Shiv, battling a snake and more dimorphodons along the way. The night of their return, Gelik insults Ishirou who wanders off in the night. Thom follows him out to the beach and eases his nerves.

The next day, the PCs travel down the east coast of the island and find another small inlet. A scarf belonging to Ieana was found on the beach with tracks leading inland. Krample thinks he spots a spectre above the greenish glow of the water, but it disappears before he gets a closer look. After battling a spider that wanders on to the beach that night, they contemplate going back to the group and moving camp southward.



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