The Serpent's Skull

Following the Trail

Game Date: 02/07/15
Experience Earned: 725exp / PC (Level 2 – Ding!)

The PCs return to the camp and spend time with the group resting up to recover from red ache that made its way through camp. The group travels down to the cove where they found the trail of Alizandru Kovack and Ieana. Following the trail south west into the island, the PCs found a large grove of viper nettles and harvested the berries. After finding the berries, they searched more of the island and brought the berries back to Aerys and cured her of her alcoholism. That night, she allowed them to read from her unfinished epic. The next day, they returned on the trail and followed it further to a clearing where the flora of the island showed its first hostilities.

During this game, the PCs battled zombies on a derelict ship, giant centipedes wandering around the island, and a yellow musk creeper and two of its “zombies.”



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