The Serpent's Skull

The Silent Island

Game Date: 03/21/15
Experience Earned: 1300exp / PC (Level 3 – Ding!)

The PCs continued following the northern coast, reaching the north western peak of the main island. They made their way over a nearby island to one that was covered with a thick, gray fungus. Searching its eastern coast, they entered a cave in a 50’ pillar just off the coast and defeated a fiendish violet fungus that weakened everyone. In doing so, they unknowingly cured the blight on the island and the resident vegepygmies perished. Continuing their search, they found an ancient wreck of a Pathfinder Society vessel, The Nightvoice. Amongst the bounty that still remained on the ship was a log that identified the ship, the fate of its crew, and valuable information for explorations of southern Garund.

Upon returning to the main island, the PCs followed the western coastline down south until running into some ropes dangling from a cliff above a rocky beach. They climbed the ropes and dispatched three cannibals at the terminus of a trail. Searching the lands to the south of the trail they were beset by a pair of shocker lizards. When all hope was thought lost as the last member of the group fell unconscious, and a winged demon was sighted in the sky, they awoke in a grove of trees and were greeted by a dryad, Aycenia. She thanked them for clearing the fungus blight from the Silent Island and offered assistance in return. The group may rest in her grove as often as they wish, a place that has remained untouched by the cannibals. She also shares with them that at least a dozen of the cannibals remain and that they take annual trips to a place to the east. Further east on the island is the lair of the Red Mountain Devil, the Winged Chupacabra. It is a deadly beast that torments its prey and drains its blood.



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