Eberk Unger-duk

Dwarf druid


Male dwarf druid 1
LN Medium humanoid (dwarf)

Init +0; Senses darkvision 60 ft., Perception +7

AC 15, touch 10, flat-footed 15 (4 armor, +1 shield)
hp 12 (1d8
Fort +5, Ref +0, Will +5
SR 6

Speed 20 ft.
Melee warhammer 1 (1d81/x3)
Ranged sling 0 (1d41)
Melee dagger 1 (1d41/19-20)
Ranged dagger (thrown) 0 (1d41/19-20)

Special Attacks acid dart (7/day), spontaneous casting

Domain Power Spell-Like Abilities Acid Dart (6/day)

Druid Spells Prepared (CL 1st, concentration +4):

1st—goodberry , magic stone D, touch of the sea  APG

0 (at will)—create water , know direction , stabilize 

D Domain spell; Domains Caves Subdomain
Str 12, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 17, Cha 8
Base Atk +0; CMB 1; CMD 11 (15 vs. bull rush) (15 vs. trip)

Feats Spell Focus (Conjuration)

Skills Acrobatics -4 , Climb -3 , Diplomacy +4 , Escape Artist -4 , Fly -4 , Heal +8 , Knowledge (Geography) +8 , Knowledge (Nature) +6 , Knowledge (Nature/Jungle) +7 , Perception +8 , Ride -4 , Stealth -4 , Survival +9, Swim -3

Languages Common, Druidic, Dwarven, Goblin, Polyglot, Undercommon

SQ cavesense, caves subdomain, defensive training, greed, hatred, magic resistant, nature bond, orisons, stability, steady, stonesinger, weapon and armor proficiency, weapon familiarity, wild empathy

Combat Gear rations (trail/per day) (5), candle (3); Other Gear hide, shield, light wooden, warhammer, sling, dagger (2), traveler’s outfit, backpack, pouch (belt) (2), spell component pouch, whistle, signal, bullets, sling (10), blanket, whetstone, waterskin (filled), vial (2), sack, rope (silk/50 ft.), piton (2), hammer, grappling hook, fishhook (3), crowbar, chalk (1 piece) (3), string (50 ft.), coin (copper piece) (21), coin (gold piece) (5), coin (silver piece) (10)


Acid Dart (Sp) You can unleash an acid dart targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack.

Boarded in the Mwangi Expanse You boarded the Jenivere in the Mwangi Expanse, where you’ve lived or recently traveled through. You harbor no illusions regarding the deadliness of the jungles, the creatures that inhabit it, or the peoples that make their home therein. You gain Polyglot as a bonus language and receive a +1 trait bonus on all Knowledge (nature) checks regarding the jungle.

Cavesense (Ex) A underground druid adds Knowledge (dungeoneering) rather than Knowledge (geography) as a class skill and gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (dungeoneering) and Survival skill checks. This ability replaces the nature sense ability.

Caves Subdomain

Darkvision (Ex) Range 60 ft.; Darkvision is the extraordinary ability to see with no light source at all, out to a range specified for the creature. Darkvision is black and white only (colors cannot be discerned). It does not allow characters to see anything that they could not see otherwise-invisible objects are still invisible, and illusions are still visible as what they seem to be. Likewise, darkvision subjects a creature to gaze attacks normally. The presence of light does not spoil darkvision.

Defensive Training (Ex) Dwarves get a +4 dodge bonus to AC against humanoid creatures of the giant subtype.


Druid Domain A cave druid may select the Darkness domain in addition to the choices normally allowed, but may not select the Air or Weather domains.

Ease of Faith Your mentor, the person who invested your faith in you from an early age, took steps to ensure that you understood that what powers your divine magic is no different than that which powers the magic of other religions.

Greed (Ex) Dwarves receive a +2 racial bonus on Appraise skill checks made to determine the price of nonmagical goods that contain precious metals and gemstones.

Hatred (Ex) Dwarves receive a +1 bonus on attack rolls against humanoid creatures of the orc and goblinoid subtypes due to special training against these hated foes.

Language Dwarves begin play speaking Common and Dwarven. Dwarves with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Terran, and Undercommon.

Magic Resistant (Ex) Some of the older dwarven clans are particularly resistant to magic. Dwarves with this racial trait gain spell resistance equal to 5 + their character level. This resistance can be lowered for 1 round as a standard action. Dwarves with this racial trait take a -2 penalty on all concentration checks made in relation to arcane spells.

Nature Bond A cave druid may select the Darkness domain in addition to the choices normally allowed, but may not select the Air or Weather domains.

Orisons You can prepare a number of orisons, or 0-level spells. These spells are cast like any other spells, but they are not expended when used and may be used again.

Spontaneous Casting You can channel stored spell energy into summoning spells that you haven’t prepares ahead of time. You can “lose” any prepared spell in order to cast any Summon Nature’s Ally spell of the same spell level or lower

Stability (Ex) Dwarves receive a +4 bonus to their Combat Maneuver Defense when resisting a bull rush or trip attempt while standing on the ground.

Steady (Ex) Dwarves never have their speed reduced by armor or encumbrance.

Stonesinger (Ex) Some dwarves’ affinity with the earth grants them greater powers. Dwarves with this racial trait are treated as 1 level higher when casting spells with the earth descriptor or using granted powers of the Earth domain, the bloodline powers of the earth elemental bloodline, and revelations of the oracle’s stone mystery. This ability does not give the dwarf early access to level-based powers; it only affects powers the dwarf could use without this ability.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency Druids are proficient with the following weapons: club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, shortspear, sling, and spear. They are also proficient with all natural attacks (claw, bite, and so forth) of any form they assume with wild shape (see below). Druids are proficient with light and medium armor but are prohibited from wearing metal armor; thus, they may wear only padded, leather, or hide armor. (A druid may also wear wooden armor that has been altered by the ironwood spell so that it functions as though it were steel. See the ironwood spell description) Druids are proficient with shields (except tower shields) but must use only wooden ones. A druid who wears prohibited armor or carries a prohibited shield is unable to cast druid spells or use any of her supernatural or spell-like class abilities while doing so and for 24 hours thereafter.

Weapon Familiarity (Ex) Dwarves are proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers, and treat any weapon with the word “dwarven” in its name as a martial weapon.

Wild Empathy (Ex) A cave druid can influence oozes, rather than magical beasts, with a -4 penalty on her wild empathy check.


Eberk Unger-duk

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