The Serpent's Skull

Hunt for Ieana

Game Date: 07/25/15
Experience Earned: 750exp / PC

The PCs made their way to Red Mountain. Phay searched the waters around the ritual site and battled a shark. She also found a water mephit who declared himself ruler of a wrecked ship, the Salty Strumpet. Returning to the ritual site, the PCs activated the tide stone and found an entrance to a temple that was previously hidden.

Entering the dark temple, the PCs battled serpentfolk skeletons. Phay once again found herself going down a hole, only to be attacked… this time by souldbound dolls.

Caves of the Mother

Game Date: 07/11/15
Experience Earned: 1700exp / PC (Level 4 – Ding!)

The PCs went down the hole at the base of the lighthouse and found a dark cave. Making their way through, they found they were beset upon by Festrogs and Lacedons. Eventually they found a note from the former captain of the Jenivere, Alizandru Kovack. He was turned into a Lacedon and the PCs put his soul to rest.

They found a temple to the serpent god Ydersius and deciphered the ritual to activate the tide stone at Red Mountain. Eventually they came across Nilythati, “Mother Thrunefang,” and defeated her in a tough battle. The PCs rested and decided their next move.

Assault on the Cannibal Camp

Game Date: 06/27/15
Experience Earned: 1285exp / PC

The PCs invaded the camp, killing a dozen cannibals in the process. They came across a group of skeletons, a witch, and the cannibal chieftain. Inspecting the lighthouse, they have found that it could be fixed in a week, or one day with the appropriate engineering or carpentry skills.

The PCs peered down into a hole at the base of the lighthouse and found an area for further exploration. Rumbling sounds in the distance in the direction of the Red Mountain also occurred, both before and after the assault. The sounds were accompanied by bolts of lightning streaking from the sky down towards the mountain.

The Red Mountain Devil

Game Date: 04/18/15
Experience Earned: 850exp / PC

The PCs met back up with Phay and traveled to the hut where Aycenia told them that the cannibals visited once a year. After inspecting the hut and finding a journal that gave them some insight as to who they were dealing with and what had caused them to turn into cannibals, they traveled to the south eastern corner of the island. Here they met and defeated the Red Mountain Devil after a well-timed web from Krample got it stuck and Thom put an arrow through it.

After finding lots of treasure in its nest, they traveled west through the southern jungle, killing several shiv dragons and ending up on the road leading to the Thrunefang cannibal camp that night.

The Silent Island

Game Date: 03/21/15
Experience Earned: 1300exp / PC (Level 3 – Ding!)

The PCs continued following the northern coast, reaching the north western peak of the main island. They made their way over a nearby island to one that was covered with a thick, gray fungus. Searching its eastern coast, they entered a cave in a 50’ pillar just off the coast and defeated a fiendish violet fungus that weakened everyone. In doing so, they unknowingly cured the blight on the island and the resident vegepygmies perished. Continuing their search, they found an ancient wreck of a Pathfinder Society vessel, The Nightvoice. Amongst the bounty that still remained on the ship was a log that identified the ship, the fate of its crew, and valuable information for explorations of southern Garund.

Upon returning to the main island, the PCs followed the western coastline down south until running into some ropes dangling from a cliff above a rocky beach. They climbed the ropes and dispatched three cannibals at the terminus of a trail. Searching the lands to the south of the trail they were beset by a pair of shocker lizards. When all hope was thought lost as the last member of the group fell unconscious, and a winged demon was sighted in the sky, they awoke in a grove of trees and were greeted by a dryad, Aycenia. She thanked them for clearing the fungus blight from the Silent Island and offered assistance in return. The group may rest in her grove as often as they wish, a place that has remained untouched by the cannibals. She also shares with them that at least a dozen of the cannibals remain and that they take annual trips to a place to the east. Further east on the island is the lair of the Red Mountain Devil, the Winged Chupacabra. It is a deadly beast that torments its prey and drains its blood.

Island Exploration

Game Date: 03/07/15
Experience Earned: 568exp / PC

The PCs left the next day to explore the area where Ishirou’s map said there would be treasure. On their way, they found a shipwreck that contained a locket and the ledgers proving Jask’s innocence that he requested the PCs locate. After finding the location of the treasure, the PCs made camp to await dawn to begin their dig. The ghost of the sea captain of the Brine Demon demanded the return of his beloved Aeshemara. Quickly acknowledging the locket contained the picture of Aeshemara, they gave the locket to the ghost that disappeared after touching the locket. The next day, the PCs dug up the earth and “uncorking” the large, wooden topper to the shaft below. The group battled two undead monstrosities before finding the bountiful treasure. They returned to camp and handed over the ledgers to Jask and a portion of the treasure to Ishirou.

The PCs headed to the west the next day along the coast. Some of the island’s native creatures attacked them along their journey. They eventually made their way to the hallowed-out shell of a monstrous crab that is inhabited by a Tengu named Pezock. Driven somewhat insane after his time on the island, Pezock was eventually intrigued by Thom’s offer to assist improving Pezock’s home. In exchange, Pezock gave him some information, including the direction that Ieana and Captain Kovack headed. He also noticed that Ieana clearly was in charge after given several commands for the man to obey.

Lighthouse Discovery

Game Date: 02/21/15
Experience Earned: 1000exp / PC

The PCs followed the tracks of Alizandru Kovack and Ieana to a trail that led west. The trail was followed for several miles to the south west. After numerous snare traps the group found their way to the lighthouse in the far corner of the island. The native cannibals rushed after the PCs as they tactically retreated. After a skirmish, the PCs made their way back to camp.

Following the Trail

Game Date: 02/07/15
Experience Earned: 725exp / PC (Level 2 – Ding!)

The PCs return to the camp and spend time with the group resting up to recover from red ache that made its way through camp. The group travels down to the cove where they found the trail of Alizandru Kovack and Ieana. Following the trail south west into the island, the PCs found a large grove of viper nettles and harvested the berries. After finding the berries, they searched more of the island and brought the berries back to Aerys and cured her of her alcoholism. That night, she allowed them to read from her unfinished epic. The next day, they returned on the trail and followed it further to a clearing where the flora of the island showed its first hostilities.

During this game, the PCs battled zombies on a derelict ship, giant centipedes wandering around the island, and a yellow musk creeper and two of its “zombies.”

Exploring Smuggler's Shiv

Game Date: 01/10/15
Experience Earned: 600 exp / PC

The PCs take the next day to complete their search of the northwest corner of Smuggler’s Shiv, battling a snake and more dimorphodons along the way. The night of their return, Gelik insults Ishirou who wanders off in the night. Thom follows him out to the beach and eases his nerves.

The next day, the PCs travel down the east coast of the island and find another small inlet. A scarf belonging to Ieana was found on the beach with tracks leading inland. Krample thinks he spots a spectre above the greenish glow of the water, but it disappears before he gets a closer look. After battling a spider that wanders on to the beach that night, they contemplate going back to the group and moving camp southward.

Shipwrecked on the Shiv

Game Date: 12/13/14
Experience Earned: 1156 exp / PC

The PCs woke up on the beach of Smuggler’s Shiv and fended off some hungry “sea scorpions.” Five other passengers aboard the Jenivere were found on the beach as well, but the captain, first mate, crew, and one passenger were no where to be found. The group built a shelter and explored some of the island, finding the wreckage of the Jenivere, another ship, the Tattooed Lady, wrecked long ago, and a nest of local creatures.

The other passengers stranded on the island were quite shaken by the events, but most have come around and not as scared of their situation. Two have even asked the PCs for assistance with woes that have befallen them before boarding the Jenivere.

The heat on the island is intense, even with the heavy rains. Mosquitos and other insects are a constant nuisance. But Krample has heard tales of even worse dangers on the island.


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