The Serpent's Skull

Island Exploration

Game Date: 03/07/15
Experience Earned: 568exp / PC

The PCs left the next day to explore the area where Ishirou’s map said there would be treasure. On their way, they found a shipwreck that contained a locket and the ledgers proving Jask’s innocence that he requested the PCs locate. After finding the location of the treasure, the PCs made camp to await dawn to begin their dig. The ghost of the sea captain of the Brine Demon demanded the return of his beloved Aeshemara. Quickly acknowledging the locket contained the picture of Aeshemara, they gave the locket to the ghost that disappeared after touching the locket. The next day, the PCs dug up the earth and “uncorking” the large, wooden topper to the shaft below. The group battled two undead monstrosities before finding the bountiful treasure. They returned to camp and handed over the ledgers to Jask and a portion of the treasure to Ishirou.

The PCs headed to the west the next day along the coast. Some of the island’s native creatures attacked them along their journey. They eventually made their way to the hallowed-out shell of a monstrous crab that is inhabited by a Tengu named Pezock. Driven somewhat insane after his time on the island, Pezock was eventually intrigued by Thom’s offer to assist improving Pezock’s home. In exchange, Pezock gave him some information, including the direction that Ieana and Captain Kovack headed. He also noticed that Ieana clearly was in charge after given several commands for the man to obey.



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