The Serpent's Skull

Shipwrecked on the Shiv

Game Date: 12/13/14
Experience Earned: 1156 exp / PC

The PCs woke up on the beach of Smuggler’s Shiv and fended off some hungry “sea scorpions.” Five other passengers aboard the Jenivere were found on the beach as well, but the captain, first mate, crew, and one passenger were no where to be found. The group built a shelter and explored some of the island, finding the wreckage of the Jenivere, another ship, the Tattooed Lady, wrecked long ago, and a nest of local creatures.

The other passengers stranded on the island were quite shaken by the events, but most have come around and not as scared of their situation. Two have even asked the PCs for assistance with woes that have befallen them before boarding the Jenivere.

The heat on the island is intense, even with the heavy rains. Mosquitos and other insects are a constant nuisance. But Krample has heard tales of even worse dangers on the island.



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